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Best Wearable Technology 2020-2021: Watches To Trackers

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Wearable tech has come a long way in a short time. Manufacturers continue to improve on past versions and, at times, come up with great new ideas. This guide’s purpose is to inform you about the best wearables you can buy. Let’s get started!

Overall Best Smartwatch

Apple Watch SE


The Apple Watch SE stands above the rest as our choice of Overall Best Smartwatch. What makes the SE the best of the best? Apple managed to add most of the best features found in more expensive models like the Series 6. It offers Apple’s brilliant user experience, and it does all this for a relatively low price.

It does lack some user-favorite features like the ‘always-on’ screen and even some health functions. These are popular features found in Series 6. However, it does include the most essential packaged in a similar stylish design.

Best Physical fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 4


Fitbit tops our list for the best fitness tracker. It includes a built-in GPS. In addition to Fitbit’s existing and trusted fitness tracking and sleep monitoring, the Fitbit Charge 4 wins this category easily. Especially for those favoring outdoor exercise.

Best Budget-minded Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip S


A variety of Amazfit watches has hit the market in the last year or so. We think the Amazfit Bip S is the most impressive.

While this budget-friendly watch lacks in screen quality, it makes up for it in other ways. For a price that’s hard to beat, it includes many fitness and sports tracking features usually reserved for much more expensive wearables.

The Best Sports Watch

Coros Pace 2


The Coros Pace 2 goes beyond basic fitness tracking. The Pace 2 demonstrated Coros’ commitment to creating one of the best running watches you can buy. It offers quality features like accurate GPS and exceptional battery life.

However, not just for runners, the Coros Pace 2 is an excellent choice for sports in general. It is great for evaluating your training when swimming, cycling, or even triathlons. All for a price Garmin and Polar can’t beat.

Best Over in Health Tech

Fitbit Sense


Fitbit Sense has made significant breakthroughs in meeting the needs of an increasingly health-conscious world. Some of these great features include a temperature sensor for monitoring throughout the night, medical-grade heart rate readings & ECG.

It stands out as the best for attending to our psychological health and well-being.

The Best Hearable

Apple AirPods Pro


True Hearable wireless earbuds have exploded onto the market. With more offerings than we care to count, the Apple’s AirPods Pro stands out as the best wireless earbuds you can buy.

Apple added noise-canceling to these amazing ear-pods. With much shorter stems and Apple’s great design, these earbuds fitted better and the spatial audio is amazing. They are a great choice for those on the go or in the middle of a sweaty workout

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